Metal Frame Lounge Chairs
Metal Frame Lounge Chairs
Metal Frame Lounge Chairs
Metal Framed Lounge Chairs Upholstered in Maharam


These terrific lounge chairs have frames of black steel which lends a strong graphic quality and is perfectly complimented by the Maraham upholstery. The fabric is "A Band Apart" designed by Sarah Morris and features a wonderful geometric design in an exciting palate.


The chairs show how strong Finn Juhl's influence was on American furniture design as evidenced by the segmented seat and back and particularly the shape of the seat back. The pitch of the seat and the placement of the back and arms give the chairs surprising comfort.


L: 24.75 in. (63 cm)

D: 24.75 in. (63 cm)

H: 27 in. (69 cm)


4,000 pair

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