This piece, frankly, is outside of what we typically handle. However, when we saw it in the course of buying some classic mid-century furniture we we awestruck with it's beauty and terrific large scale.

The screen has eight 15.75" wide panels with brass feet. The front features a classic highly detailed village scene with figures in pavilions bordered by a pattern of cranes and flowers and scholar's objects or antiques framing the scene on three sides, while the back shows a nature scene of five white cranes by a flowing river with a thin floral border. The finely carved lacquer is absolutely captivating in it's delicacy and detail. We have provided a few detail photos, but to run your eyes over the surface of the screen taking in all the subtle colors, line work, and range of mark-making  is a pure delight. We believe the screen dates to the early to mid-twentieth century, but it could be older. The lacquer and gesso exhibits crazing and patination, which if not antique, has a wonderful variegation.

Please do not hesitate to let us know if you have any questions about the piece or would like to see additional detail photos.


84"h X 126"w X .75"d

Fantastic Eight Panel Chinese Coromandel Folding Lacquered Screen