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A design that originated with the "Fire Hood" by Wendell Lovett for Condon-KIng and popularized by makers such as Malm and Preway, the conical free-standing fireplace is an iconic mid-century design. Sculptural and stylish, the conical form is handsome and an efficient way to distribute heat in a room. This example in vivid orange enamel has a built-in electric heater rather than being a wood burner. Perfect for an installation where having actual fire or a functioning flue would not be safe or possible. Behind the wire mesh screen, it also features artificial logs for ambience. It includes two flue pipes and a finishing ring for where it meets the ceiling. Having never been installed or used, it is in strikingly minty original condition.

99"h X 38"w X 30"d  Bottom alone: 38"h Two pipes: 32" long each Finishing ring: 12" diameter


Orange Wendell Lovett Style Fire Hood Electric Fireplace

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