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Sascha Brastoff Bird Sculpture
Abstract Bird Sculpture by Sascha Brastoff


This delightfully simple, styilzed bird form becomes a shaped canvas for Sascha Brastoff and his signature elegantly decorated surfaces. The exuberant artist/ designer created a complex patchwork of blues and golds over the sienna raku base glaze.


Sascha Brastoff was a remarkable artistic figure living and working in California from the 40s through the 70s. A ballet dancer, a department store window dresser, serviceman, costume designer, painter and ceramicist who loved to perform in drag, he was one of the vibrant personalities who made post-war California one of the most important places for progressive art, architecture and design.


This fantastic piece is interesting as it is an uncommon example of Brastoff's purely sculptural creations. Unlike many of the functional items such as bowls, vessels, plates, and ashtrays, this piece showcases the joy and whimsy of Brastoff's decorative sensibility. Far from the restraint of international modernism, his pieces embrace glamor, frill and flourish.






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