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This beautiful steamer chest is from the early 20th century and is covered in history. It was made for Neverbreak Trunks U.S.A. by L. Goldsmith & Son of Newark, NJ and is covered with history.

It can of course be used for its intended purpose, but it also functions as a table or bench if laid on its side. The design is terrific, with a great variety of storage options. The wardrobe offers a hanging garment section with wooden hangers , a bank of four drawers of varying depth. This trunk still retains pieces which typically are missing, such as the wood clothing retainer that keeps hanging clothes in their compartment and the metal locking bar which secures the bank of drawers. The hinges and latches all function as intended. Surprisingly, the locking latch has not been cut or compromised. However, the key is long gone.

The chest shows age appropriate wear from use and has a rich patina. The leather handle is present and in good condition. One of our favorite features is the remnants of the journeys this trunk has taken. There are tags, labels and decals on all sides. Our absolute favorite is the one from the Matson Lines cruise ships that took visitors to Hawaii.

41"h X 21.75"w X 18.75"d

Antique Neverbreak Steamer Trunk Wardrobe Chest

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