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An iconic mid-century design, the Triennale floor lamp is not only beautiful, but a highly functional design. With three articulating arms each topped with an articulating shade the lamp can offer both direct or indirect light in nearly any direction. An uncommon chrome steel cruciform base supports the central coloum which has a three-way switch, both the central column and the handles of the counterweights are wraped in leather. We have one of these lamps in our personal collection and it is a joy to live with.


This example has shades in white, gray and black and is in good vintage condition. It was just featured in an exhibit at the famous Edith Farnsworth House, designed by Mies van der Rohe.

Newly rewired, all the electronics are fully functional.


68"h X 42"w X 36"d

Arredoluce Triennale Three-Arm Floor Lamp

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