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We consider this terrific Läsbord adjustable tray table by Danecastle a "scooter" table or reading table because it's ingenious design allows it to scoot up under an easy chair, sofa, or bed were it can be used to hold a book, magazine, tablet or a laptop. With adjustments for height and the angle of the large teak top, it is incredibly versatile. The smaller top, which is removable, is fixed in a flat position and is perfectly scaled for holding a beverage or a snack. The casters allow it to roll easily around the room. 

This terrific vintage table is in remarkably clean original condition. It is a great example of sensible Scandinavian design.


25.5"– 35,5"h X 34.5"w X 14.5"d


Danecastle Teak "Scooter" Adjustable Tray Table

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