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We feel that Finn Juhl's delegates' chair (or FJ51) is one of his most under appreciated designs. Perhaps overshadowed by the sexy #45 chair, with which it shares many qualities, it is no less an equally beautiful and comfortable chair.


Originally designed in 1950 for the Trusteeship Council Chamber at the U.N., the chair was included in the initial offerings of Finn Juhl designs when Baker Furniture debuted its modern line in 1952.
A study in subtle elegance, the delegate’s chair represents Juhl’s aesthetic at the peak of his creativity. The sculpted wood frame supports an upholstered seat and back accentuating the two elements and contrasting materials. Similar to his Chieftain chair, the back legs go all the way to the top of the seat back terminating in a horn-like point. The arm is broader where the sitter makes contact and tapers to the front where it extends slightly past the front leg. Like the #45 chair, the seat is slightly higher than the typical lounge chair making it comfortable for reading, relaxing, or conversation. The scale is also similar to the 45 chair, but with a more generous overall width.

This example has a frame of teak and has been professionally reupholstered. This very chair is featured on page 151 of Christian Bundegaard's book "Finn Juhl Life, Work, World", Phaidon 2019

Additional Literature: Finn Juhl, Esbjørn Hiort pg. 46.


33"h X 33"w X 26.5"d  seat: 19"

Finn Juhl Delegates Chair

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