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Designed by Richard Thompson for Glenn of California, this walnut cabinet has four doors which conceal an upper and lower cabinet. The upper cabinet is fitted with a vintage McIntosh mac 4100 stereo receiver/ amplifier, an ADS compact disk player, and a dual 1219 turntable. The lower cabinet houses a Sony 400 disk CD player and space for 12" records. The center door pull features a rich, cobalt blue terrazzo-like resin.

While originally set up and used as a stereo cabinet, the piece could easily be converted to a dry bar or storage unit. We are offering it with the vintage hi-fi equipment installed as-found (all of which appears to be in good working order, the McIntosh amp sounds fantastic) but can also be purchased without the stereo at a reduced price.


72 in.Hx32 in.Wx21 in.D

Richard Thompson Stereo Cabinet or Bar

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