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This rare and powerful piece by Guido Venturini (b.1957) is the GV20 "Lingam" vase, expertly crafted of porcelain by Alessi in 2002. It is number 75 of an edition limited to only 99.

Inspired by a trip to India in the 1990s, architect/ designer Venturini created a work that is overtly masculine without being threatening.  The black and white lines vary in thickness, accentuating the dynamisim of the form. It is comprised of three parts: the body or base of the vase, a small internal pot at the top, and a cap which is pierced at the top with a small hole.

Equal parts sculpture and functional object,  Venturini has been quoted as explaining “It can be used as a vase, but there is also a hole for incense sticks. It can be used to hide something, a secret space for objects of pleasure, from chocolates to precious items,”

54"h X 19.75"d

Rare Guido Venturini "Lingam" Vase/ Sculpture by Alessi

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