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Visionary architect and artist Paolo Soleri is well know for his experimental community Arcosanti and the cast wind bells that were created to help fund it. Far more rare are unique sculptural works by Solari. 

This cast bronze sculpture is mounted on a wooden base is of a nude female figure in a pose that suggests diving or gymnastics. While the female figure is a primary theme in his sculptures, they are typically much more static than this example. This figure has a real dynamism with outstretched arms, sweeping hair, arched back and legs kicked up following the forward motion. 

Solari used foam blocks to carve and sculpt directly. The resulting pieces were then cast in bronze or aluminum in the Cosanti foundry. The angular, blocky quality of his carving style makes a compelling counterpoint to the graceful pose of this nude figure.

Paolo Soleri Bronze Female Nude Sculpture

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